Sehar Baba Waterfall, Jammu and Kashmir

The Sehar Baba Waterfall happens to be one of the biggest amongst waterfalls in North India. It is situated in the Reasi District of Jammu & Kashmir on the Chenab River at a height of 466 metres descending from over an elevation of more than 100 feet to give a scintillating view. Such is the noise of this waterfall as it is flowing that it is quite difficult to be heard while talking with someone even nearby.

Indeed the waterfall makes a roaring sound as it flows making its presence felt big time. The waterfall is situated near the Siar Baba Temple nearby the Kotla village. The distance between the Sehar Baba waterfall and Reasi is around 52 km. The place is indeed very beautiful and the picturesque scenic beauty would surely mesmerize you to the fullest giving you a splendid feel. This is definitely a go-to place for any and every nature lover. What makes the sight even enthralling and one to behold is the fact that it is surrounded by lovely green mountains in close proximity to the waterfall. The cool blowing breeze would so often take you to a dreamland so to speak. One can also have a bath in the waterfall if he desires so but for that he should be visiting the place between the months of March-April when the flow of the water is moderate. The condition of the road via which one has to travel in order to reach the waterfall is in quite a good condition.

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