Sheshnag Lake, Pahalgam, Jammu and Kashmir

Located in the Kashmir Valley, Pahalgam in Anantnag, Sheshnag Lake is the most auspicious lake in the whole of Jammu and Kashmir (a state in India). Sheshnag is the Lord of serpents who is described as a snake with 6 heads. And according to Hindu mythology, it is said that the serpent still lives in the Sheshnag Lake. Sheshnag, the king of snakes is said to have dug the lake himself and is one of the most ancient pilgrimage sites according to the Hindu mythology.

Apart from playing an important role in Hindu mythology, Sheshnag Lake is also known for being home to various types of fish. Many people are seen fishing in the lake for brown trouts and more. Since the environment of the area gets colder and gets covered with snow during winters, the most suitable time to visit the Sheshnag Lake would be between June - September. Tourists will be able to view slight snow on the mountains which are visible from the lake and will be able to view pleasant yet dense forest covering the lake.

During winters, the Sheshnag Lake gets covered by snow and a layer of ice forms on the whole lake. This type of weather is suitable for people who love snow and want to visit cold places. Trekking and camping programs are also organized near the Sheshnag Lake which leads to Amarnath cave which is located near the Sheshnag Lake.

Best Time to Visit

During the Summer Season from June to September

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