Shri Nageshi Maharudra Temple, Goa

The Shree Nageshi Maharudra Temple, being home to the Swayambhu shrine of Lord Shankar, is known by citizens all across India. It was back in ancient times when the Shivlinga was discovered to be here. The origins of this shrine are so ancient that it is not available anymore. In fact, there is only one story that links to the discovery of the Shivlinga.

Legend has it that a cow herder noticed one of his cows to regularly visit this place. One day, he followed it, to find that it regularly showered its milk upon the Shivlinga. And this incident led to the discovery of the shrine. Apart from this story and a few other folk songs, there is no other mention of the Shivlinga.

When you’re at the Bandora village, the temple isn’t the only aspect that will enchant you. The temple is covered with highly-pleasing surroundings that include ranges of hills on three sides. The fourth side is taken up by the Aghanashini river. This river flows all-year-round, ensuring beautiful sights irrespective of when you visit the temple. Nageshi Maharudra is a wondrous temple and a glorious one as well being associated with a legendary incident too.

Goa is one of the tiniest states in India, occupying merely 3702 sp. km. In spite of this, it is one of the favorite tourist destinations. And its attractions don’t reside only in the party sphere. They lie in the well-maintained majestic temples as well. And one such temple is the Shri Nageshi Maharudra Temple. Prominent attractions nearby include the Shri Jagadamba Mahalaxmi Temple, at a distance of 300 m.


Shri Nageshi Maharudra Temple open at 05:30 AM to 08:30 PM - Everyday

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