Shri Shantadurga Temple, Goa

There are many churches in Goa, the beach state of India. But the number of Hindu temples in the state is also quite appreciable though these are not very popular. Still among these the Shri Shanta Durga temple is quite popular. The temple is the main shrine for the Gaud Saraswat Brahman sect. The Shri Shanta Durga temple is located in the Western Ghats foothill village of Kavalem in the Ponda Taluka district of Goa. Location wise it is situated near Panaji, the capital city of Goa. The Brahmins of the state visit this temple in great numbers to pay homage to their home deity. The legend behind this temple is quite interesting.

According to the Hindu mythology, once a great war took place between Lord Shiva & Lord Vishnu which ravaged the three world. Lord Brahma tried to stop the war but failed. Finally he came up with an idea and asked Lady Parvati to mediate the matter between Lord Shiva & Lord Vishnu. Replying to the plea, lady Parvati descended upon the earth in her Shanta Durga incarnates and placed the lords on her either hands to peacefully settle the war. Hence the deity of goddess Shanta Durga in the Shri ShantaDurga temple holds on serpent in each hand representing Lord Shiva & Lord Vishnu. The architecture of the Shri Shanta Durga temple is very mesmerizing. The towering shihkara of the white temple engraved with beautiful artistry and Portuguese touch is the epitome of Indo-Portuguese masonry. The main temple of the goddess Shanta Durga was at Quelossim. It was destroyed under the Portuguese invasion. However, it was reinstated in Kavalem by the Maratha King Chattrapati Shahu. The Shri Shanta Durga temple is a very divine Brahmin temple and visitors & devotees form all across the country come very all around the year. Shanta Durga bestows the blessings of patience and success to all.


Shanta durga temple open at 05:00 AM to 10:00 PM

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