St. Alex Church, Goa

St. Alex Church is situated in the most popular place and a tourist hotspot which is Calangute. St. Alex church is one of the most popular places to visit as you will feel peace and calmness in this church and also enjoy its marvellous architecture and design which is the only church in the whole of Goa which has been made in the Indian style of architecture.

St. Alex Church is definitely a treat to the eyes as you will enjoy many beautifully made cupola falsa in Indian style of architecture. It has two towers and a majestic dome which resembles the St. Peters Basilica of Rome. The church has seven altars among which three are in the center and other four on the sides. The main altar is dedicated to St. Alex which is just below the huge crown backed by a beautiful gilded reredos with the statues of angels and other Christian saints.

The interior of St. Alex church is in rococo style and as you enter you will see the statue of Saint Anthony to the right with bible and child and to the left is the statue of St. Francis. Whether you are going to watch the magnificent piece of art and architecture or taking a break from the crowd, or for some religious purpose this place will give you best of what you came for and will give you a lifetime experience of watching and exploring the past era of architectural marvel. St. Alex Church is around 12 km from Panjim bus stand and is very near to Calangute beach.


The Mass timings of St. Alex Church starts at 06:45 AM; 07:45 PM and 04:30 PM in Weekdays - 06:45 AM; 07:45 PM and 06:00 PM in Saturdays - 06:15 AM; 07:30 AM, 08:45 PM and 05:00 PM in Sundays.

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Cleta Fernandes
11 February 2023

Todays fast mass timing?

Simon deSouza
13 January 2023

Any mass in English?

Petal Dias
09 January 2023

What would be the mass timings on 23nd February’23 Ash Wednesday please .?

lillyrodrigues dr
24 December 2022

What time is the xmas mass please

Valentino Fernandes
22 December 2022

Weddings 22 December ?