Sukreswar Temple, Assam

Sukreswar Temple was built in 1744 by the Ahom King, Pramatta Singha in Guwahati, Assam (a state in India). The Sukreswar temple is located in the Itakhuli hill where the river Brahmaputra runs through the veins of the city Guwahati. The route to the temple consists of a long staircase which also leads to the bed of the temple where the river Brahmaputra flows. This temple contains one of the largest Shivalingas across India.

Sukreswar Temple is considered as one of the most famous Lord Shiva temple in Guwahati as people from various cities, states and countries visit this temple to show their devotion and reverence towards Lord Shiva. The steps towards the temple is known for being the place with a great scenic view as the sunset and sunrise can be seen clearly at this place. Travellers can also see people boating at the river banks and enjoying nature while being on a pilgrimage tour. The rituals and pujas are also conducted in the temple and the temple is located far from the city. Hence devotees will be able to enjoy the rituals without any interruption. A small temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu is also located within the Sukreswar temple's vicinity.


Sukreswar Temple open at 06:00 AM to 07:00 PM

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