Sunderbans, West Bengal

The Sunderbans is a large expanse of forest situated near the Bay of Bengal which is considered as the largest mangroves in the world. It is located in the delta region of the confluence of Brahmaputra, Ganga and Meghna rivers. It is a unique habitat and is characterised by rich flora and fauna leading to great biodiversity. The region has an opulence of wildlife species comprising birds, reptiles, tigers and fishes. The muddy shores have an abundance of the Sundari tree from which the region got its name. Besides, the infamous Bengal tiger, other species found comprises of jungle cats, spotted deers, macaques, wild boars, mongooses and foxes. Home to the magnificent Royal Bengal Tiger, the Sunderbans is every photographer’s delight and nature enthusiasts’ delectation

There are plenty of attractions for explorers in Sunderbans. The most captivating experience is the chance to spot the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger at the UNESCO heritage site, the Sunderbans National Park. Tourists can avail boat rides or take elephant safari to travel into the deep jungles. The experience is sure to leave a mark for those looking for adventures. The watch tower at Sajnekhli Bird Sanctuary is like a heaven for bird lovers as more than 200 species of birds can be spotted from the tower. Kingfishers, herons, White bellied sea eagles and Pale billed flowerpeckers are a common sight at the watch tower. A walk with the Olive Ridley turtles at the island of Kanak can charge anyone’s senses. Another well known watch tower and major interest of travellers is the Sudhanyakhali Tower from which tigers, crocodiles and deers can be observed clearly.

All these and more make Sunderbans a peaceful yet entertaining visit for tourists. Those who are religious at heart can also catch a glimpse of the 400 year old temple of Lord Shiva at Netidhopani or take a dip at the holy waters of the Gangasagar especially during Makar Sankranti.


Entry allow to Sunderbans is between 07:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Forest Entry Fees

60 INR per Indian tourists and 200 INR per Foreign tourists

Boat Entry Fees

800 INR per Boat from Netidhopani zone and 400 INR per Boat for all other zones.

Guide Charges

400 INR for Indians and 700 INR for Foreigners (Compulsory for per Boat)

Best Time to Visit

November and February

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