Swargadwar Beach, Odisha

Puri is a coastal city and has quite a few magnificent beaches. One of them is the Swargadwar Beach. Apart from its natural beauty, this beach also has religious significant which made it important to visit for the pilgrims travelling to Puri. The Swargadwar beach was the bathing area of Sri Chaitanyadev Mahaprabhu who was a famous sage of the Vaishnav cult.

The name Swargadwar means, door to Heaven (Swarg means Heaven and Dwar means door). It is believed that those who take a dip in Swargadwar beach can get rid of his miseries and will reach the heaven after death. There is also a site of cremation in close proximity of the Swargadwar beach where the Hindus are cremated. Locals believe if a person is cremated at this site, he/she attains ‘moksha’ or salvation and the door of the heaven will be opened for them.

Numerous hotels and guest houses have developed near the Swargadwar beach as most of the people visiting Puri prefers to stay near the beaches. Many shacks, kiosks and stall are there where local vendors sell various items made of shell and conch to the visitors in the evening. Apart from religious purposes, many tourists visit the Swargadwar beach for spending their holidays while experiencing the magnificence of the beaches in Puri. Bathing in the sea water is one of the major attractions of the beaches in Puri. People from across the country visit this Beach for its religious significance and also for holidaying.

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