Tampara Lake, Odisha

Unknown to many and in quite close proximity to Gopalpur beach, lies another relatively less publicized tourist attraction in the form of a water body popularly referred to as the Tampara Lake.

The Tampara Lake is a natural waterbody that has been embanked along its perimeter to create a promenade surrounding it for visitors sit and enjoy themselves. The Tampara Lake takes its name from the location in which it is situated, Tamapara. The Tampara Lake which is also a part of Ganjam district is nearer if it accessed from the NH5 highway instead of the NH16 on which the Gopalpur beach lies. It’s a peaceful and serene location absolutely cut off from the chaos and noise of city life lying outside the periphery of planned settlement areas in the city and town. Very conducive for spending endless time in privacy and solitude in natural habitat without any unwanted interference.

Since the waterfront of the Tampara Lake does not host any additional extracurricular activity, there is no scope of traction within the waterbody or outside it. Hence it is quite synonymous for peace and solitude in complete privacy for a long stretch of undisturbed time. There is no boating activity or similar entertainment value on Tampara Lake nor is there any organised effort to attract visitors to the lake front property although it is on prime location right on NH5. Apart from privacy and peace there is nothing much this place has to offer. Still, this place is visited by many tourists and travelers.

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