Tanda Waterfall, Uttar Pradesh

One of the most picturesque places and destinations across India, Tanda Waterfall is a great spot for relaxation. Located in the Mirzapur area in Uttar Pradesh, the waterfall is well known for being one of the most preferred picnic spots of the area. With rich water stream and store around, Tanda Waterfall, in particular, gets plenty of viewers.

The waterfall isn’t all about just water with serene environment and a tranquil nature. It’s richly magnificent and has plenty of awe-smacking spots for a great sighting. The waterfall lies at a distance of mere 14 km from the city of Mirzapur. It is pretty open by the streets and can be easily accessible on road.

Tanda Waterfall tends to get richer and diverse with the change of seasons like after a blustery season, vegetation around the place is at all time high giving a view of one of the most greenfield area around. It also offers a great outing from the city’s busy and hectic lifestyle. It also has a Tanda dam on to store the water from the waterfall. The said dam was built over 86 years ago and is one of the major wellsprings of natural water supply. It is open throughout the year and has people running around for vacation all the time. With a perfect natural scenic beauty, many prefer to visit the Tanda Waterfall and sit by the area indulging in a scene that the eyes are set to behold. So it goes without saying that the Tanda Falls are a must visit one for any tourist and nature lover alike.


Tanda Waterfall can be visit during 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM

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Free | No Tickets

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During the rainy season

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