Tanot Mata Temple, Rajasthan

In a small Rajasthani village called as Tanot in Jaisalmer district lies this beautiful mystical temple dedicated to the Tanot Mata who is believed to be a re-incarnation of Hinglaj Mata. This is indeed a noteworthy fascination for those who are visiting the mighty Thar Desert of India. The story of this temple is wrapped inside various legends that are certain to impart amazement and interest towards its holy power and immaculateness. Border Security Force (BSF) of India has been preserving and maintaining this heritage site since the Indo-Pakistan war that took place in the year 1971. It is known that amid the Indo-Pakistani War of the year 1965, Pakistani Army dropped more than 3000 bombs focusing on the Tanot Mata temple and yet not even one detonated.

The Pakistani Tank regiment was stunned and continued shelling, however, again the same thing got repeated. The Pakistani General got curious after the war got over and got to know of the supernatural powers of Tanot Mata Temple after his visit.

In the wake of offering your regards to the Goddess, you can also check out the historical centre set up in the vicinity. You would be able to see all the arms and ammo that was utilized amid the Indo-Pakistan wars of the year 1965 and 1971. The Tanot Mata temple is a standout one and amongst one of the best places to explore in the Great Thar Desert of Rajasthan. The best time to visit Tanot Mata temple is between the months of November to January. It is the time where travellers and tourists flock to this place.


Tanot Mata Temple open at 06:00 AM to 08:00 PM

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