Tapkeshwari Temple, Bhuj, Gujarat

Tapkeshwari Temple is a Hindu temple located 12 kilometres south of Bhuj city in Gujarat, 12 kilometres from Bhuj Railway Station. It is one of Bhuj's most revered temples and one of the must-see Bhuj tourist attractions. The temple is dedicated to goddess Tapkeshwari and is located in a valley surrounded by hills.

The Gujarati phrase 'tapakvu,' which means 'to drop,' inspired the temple's name. This was once the site of a year-round spring, causing water to 'drop' down the cliff walls, according to legend. Today there is no spring. On the slope, there are numerous caverns. The rock has been carved by dripping water into a fascinating formation that will awe you. To get to the caves from the temple, visitors must ascend a flight of steep steps. A panoramic view of Bhuj city and its environs can be obtained.

According to legend, the goddess Tapkeshwari was created from drops of water that fell from a stone. In this form, she married Shiva and gave birth to Ganesh. In another story, Shiva once travelled with Parvati through Rajasthan. While crossing Bhuj, they decided to spend some time here. The rocks softened to allow the divine couple to rest. After bathing in a spring, Parvati collected water in her skirt. When Shiva went to drink some of the water, it started dripping through his beard. The drops that fell from his face became goddess Tapkeshwari, according to another version of this story.

If you're looking for a little bit of divine intervention in your life, look no further than the Tapkeshwari Temple in Bhuj, Gujarat. So go ahead and visit Tapkeshwari temple Bhuj and be mesmerized by this natural wonder!


Bhuj Tapkeshwari Mata Temple open at 06:00 AM t0 07:00 PM

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