Thousand Pillar Temple, Telangana

The Thousand Pillar Temple, also known as the Rudreshwar Swamy Temple, is a Hindu temple built in the town of Hanamakonda in the state of Telangana which is more than 850 years old. The Thousand Pillar temple was established by Rudra Devi of Kakatiya dynasty and showcases the finest of Kakatiya architecture. It is devoted to the Hindu gods Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and Surya, unlike other Hindu temples which worship the Hindu trinity gods Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu. The masterpiece was completed in 1163 AD.

The triple shrined star shaped temple was constructed using the unique sandbox technique to reinforce its foundation. The 1000 Pillar temple is made up of innumerable pillars, each intricately designed with exquisite stones, ivory carvings and perforated curtains. A massive Nandi can be found made up of a black basalt monolith. The garden is graced by little lingam shrines at regular intervals which is well maintained. The marvelous gateways and magnificently adorned pillars are a proof of the impeccable skills of the craftsmen who constructed the temple. A visit to the Thousand Pillar Temple gives us an insight to the rich cultural heritage of our past. This beautiful temple was damaged by the Tughlaq invaders and was later renovated by modern architects in 2004 by the initiative of the Government of India.

This historic temple is 150 kilometers away from Hyderabad and can be reached either by Warangal railway station or by Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. As this temple is extremely popular and is a great pilgrimage, devotees flock to this temple from neighboring places as well as from far off regions to witness the architectural splendor of late Chalukyan and early Kakatiya art. Many festivals are elaborately celebrated in the temple which comprises of Maja Shivratri, Kartika Pournami, Ganesha Puja, Kunkuma Puja and many others. Saralamma Yatra is a fair which is observed every alternate year.


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