Warangal Tourism

Andhra Pradesh is known for its culture as well as heritage. It still has the old monuments that were built by the Mughals and other emperors which mean that the city strives to keep up with its rich and varied heritage. Most of the travellers visit this state to checkout the monuments as well as the lakes in Warangal.

Pakhal Lake is a manmade lake that is certainly worth visiting for any and every traveller while being in Warangal. Made by humans, this lake is spread over to 30 sq. Km and is surrounded by forests and hills all around it. Another populat tourist spot is the Thousand Pillar Temple. This temple does have over 1000 pillars and this is what marks the beauty of this place. Warangal Fort is obviously and of course a must visit spot. This fort is believed to be made by a single rock which is a very difficult task. With carvings all over it, one can realise the amount of work that the workers put in to build the fort. There is another popular temple called Rayaparthy Shiva Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple was built in the 18th century. The carvings on the pillars and walls show how dedicated people were towards this god which is why they still keep on visiting this temple regularly.

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Travel Guide Kakatiya Kala Thoranam
1 reviews

Kakatiya Kala Thoranam

There are many kinds of structure and establishment in the world and some of them are so important and historic that they become emblem for an organization or even a country. There is also such a structure in the Indian state of Telangana that serves as the state emblem and it is....

Travel Guide Bhadrakali Temple, Warangal
0 reviews

Bhadrakali Temple Warangal

All the temples in the world have a religious background and many of them become a tourism destination for the travellers. It is mainly due to their religious legends that pilgrims flock there and it is due to their architectural brilliances travellers visit there. But very few l....

Travel Guide Warangal Fort
0 reviews

Warangal Fort

The Warangal Fort is a historical fort and initially built by the King Ganapati Deva at 12th century AD. The marvellous sculpting and structures, Warangal Fort is top rated travel destination in Telangana, India.

Travel Guide Ramappa Temple
0 reviews

Ramappa Temple

The whole of south India is one of the hotspots for many Hindu temples. The Indian state of Telangana also has many temples out of which the Ramappa Temple of Warangal holds a special status among those.

Travel Guide Rudreshwar Swamy Temple
0 reviews

Thousand Pillar Temple

Thousand Pillar Temple or Rudreshwar Swamy Temple is an ancient Hindu Temple dedicated to three Hindu God Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and Lord Sun and located in the Hanamakonda of Telangana, India.

Travel Guide Ramappa Lake Warangal
0 reviews

Ramappa Lake

The Kakatiya dynasty is well-known to have left its impact on the culture and architecture of the state off Telangana. One such example is the Ramappa Lake, which lies in the Warangal district of the state.

Travel Guide Sri Padmakshi Temple Warangal
0 reviews

Sri Padmakshi Temple

Warangal may not be much famous yet, but it will soon be. Due to the ancient history that the place holds, it also has the marks left by historians. One such mark is the Sri Padmakshi Temple, which is one of the oldest temples in the city.

Travel Guide Kakatiya Musical Garden Warangal
0 reviews

Kakatiya Musical Garden

This Musical Garden is found near the notable temple of Bhadrakali. This nursery is spread over a territory of around 60702.85 sq. meters. Explorers can likewise see a goliath shake with a fake cascade that structures the scenery to the greenhouse. Kakatiya melodic greenhouse can....

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