Three Mothers Art Gallery & Museum, Manipur

The Three Mothers Art Gallery Museum is an art lover’s paradise. It serves as a gallery as well as a museum. It is situated in the Thangapat Mapal Palace premise, Imphal East, at Manipur. It is an amazing place that is sure to calm down the soul of an art lover.

The Three Mothers Art Gallery Museum, merely 4.3 km away from Imphal, was established in the year 1978. December 2009 witnessed an addition of a workshop to facilitate training and encouraging new artists. The construction of the workshop is accredited to the Assam Rifles Civic Action Program. It is definite to enlighten the tourists and the upcoming generations with the rich tradition, culture, history and heritage of the state. The mystery behind the nomenclature of the art gallery is revealed by the urge to signify mothers in various forms. Three mothers namely the motherland, the mother tongue and the birth giving mother are paid tribute and hence the nomenclature.

The Three Mothers Art Gallery museum houses a unique art form namely the art form of Driftwood Sculpture. The precious artwork of Gurumayum Shyamsundar Sharma is exhibited in the museum. He is famous for his sculpture out of a single piece of wood and the beautiful incorporation of the natural shape of the wood into the sculpture. The art gallery has masterpiece of various size and shape ranging from small idols to massive dragons.


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