Tikona Fort, Maharashtra

Tikona Fort, which is also known as by the name of Vitandgad Fort, is located near Pune in Maharashtra, a state in India. This Fort was founded in the 7th or 8th century A.D., but the origins of this fort is still unknown. The word Tikona in Marathi, the official language in Maharashtra, means 'Triangular' and the name of the fort was decided as the Tikona fort due to the hill of the fort being pyramidal in shape and consists of various water tanks, temples and caves within the vicinity.

According to history, Tikona Fort was conquered by the Nizam Shahi Dynasty in 1585 and was later ruled by Shivaji Maharaj in 1657. Since the fort was located in the central Konkan, it later went under the Pawana Mawal region. Multiple minor wars were fought in this area and the last war for this fort was between the Maratha army and the British in 1818 until the Britishers later captured the fort later in the year. Since the fort is known for a scenic view and mesmerizing flora and fauna, treks and adventure sports camps are organized throughout the year.

Tourists from across the country participate in this trekking adventure while enjoying the view of Pawna dam and the Satvahan cave which is located near the Tikona Fort. Many other forts like Tung fort, Lohagad Fort and Visapur fort are also located near the Tikona fort hence the trekking route also includes these forts along with seven water tanks located near the Tikona fort.


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