Tippani Folk Dance, Gujarat

Gujarat comes with huge power. At times through silence, the other times through its diverse cuisine and culture and Tippani is no exception like Garba. The sacrosanct stage becomes instantly filled with the sense of colourful aroma and energy. A collective appears bringing all their energy just giving themselves off by opening up their hands to the air and clapping a powerful clap which in unison make a pompous, a thunderous sound which reverberate the static medium. All in strong colours, this adds to the vibrant visual effect. A melodious background score will overwhelm your heart. And there is this slow beautiful curvy move.

As if rice paddy flows to a wave on the flow of monsoon winds. And this form is performed to mark or to pay regards and warmth to the toil that the farmers put day in and out finally to harvest the golden crop that feeds the hungry genetics. This is the celebration of the springing of the golden harvest. There is this sense of relaxation and joy and gratitude. The collective sparkles and there are harmonic actions. At times, again, the collective separates to tiny pairs who replicates one other to create a constructive elevated form.

Stick is the main prop of the Tippani dance signifying the unique anonymous self but again with a sense of collective – the collective circularizes and the sticks finds various imitating postures mimicking various styles and movements and actions in an agricultural field. Slow and windy – a gush of fresh native air is Tippani folk dance form.

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Harish Chawla
11 January 2021

how do tippani dancers pair themselves?