Triyuginarayan Temple, Uttarakhand

Triyuginarayan is an outstanding Hindu journey situated in Rudraprayag region in the Godly state of Uttarakhand. This pleasant town is roosted at a height of 1,980 and gives an all-encompassing perspective of snowy mountains of the beauteous Garhwal area. The temple is also pronounced as Trijugi Narayan or Tri-Ugi Narayan or Triyugi Narayan.

The focal point of fascination of this place is the Triyuginarayan otherwise called the Trijugi Narayan Shrine committed to Lord Vishnu. The design of Triyuginarayan temple takes after to that of Badrinath Shrine. Triyugi Narayan is where the wedding of Lord Shiva & Lady Parvati occurred. The marriage occurred before Lord Vishnu and hence Triyuginarayan temple was worked in its respect. It is trusted that Lord Vishnu did everything about the arrangements for this heavenly wedding and went about as Parvati's sibling while Lord Brahma assumed the part of a cleric. There is a Brahma Shila before the shrine additionally denotes the accurate place of the wedding.

One can see the three sacrosanct Kunds (the Lakes), Vishnu Kund, Rudra Kund and Brahma Kund that have therapeutic properties. The kunds are resourced by the Saraswati Kund, which as indicated by Hindu legend started from the navel of Lord Vishnu. An unending flame burns before the Triyuginarayan temple since the season of Lord Shiva's marriage along these lines, nicknaming it as Akhand Dhuni. Numerous fans convey wood to offer in the heavenly fire and reclaim the powder as it advances conjugal euphoria. Apart from this, the Triyuginarayan temple area is also famous for trekking activities. The way to reach the shrine is essentially by roadway.

The temple remains open throughout the year for devotees. But during winter the weather of Triyuginarayan become very cold. So the best time to visit the temple is in the month of May-July. The Pilgrims for Kedarnath Darshan must visit Triyuginarayan temple which is like Kedarnath temple in structure and very ancient.


Triyuginarayan Temple open at 06:00 AM to 07:00 PM

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