Uma Maheshwara Temple, Gokarna, Karnataka

The shrine of Uma Maheshwara is a popular place of pilgrimage visited by many devotees to seek the blessing of the deities. The temple is dedicated to the dual deities of Uma and Maheshswara, the other names of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati respectively. The centre sanctum consists of a lingam whose half part symbolises ‘Masesh’ or Lord Shiva and the other part symbolises ‘Uma’ or ‘Parvati’, his wife. A statue of a mythological bull, named Nandi is installed on one side of the lingam who is considered to be Shiva’s mount and their gatekeeper.

According to popular legend, being fascinated about learning the significance of Gokarna, Parvati showed interested to visit the place. She was accompanied by Shiva and others on this journey. The Goddess was so enthralled with the piousness and the beauty of the place that she decided to reside at this place. The duo went to the top of the mountain away from the town.

Uma Maheshwara Temple is lying on the flat top of the Shatashrunga Mountain; this place offers a stunning view of the Indian Ocean which surrounds its sides. 10 – 15 mins hike over the mountain or a 30 mins trek from the town of Gokarna is required to reach the Shree Uma Maheshwara Temple. The soul stirring images of the sunrise and the sunset atop the mountain is a sight to behold. it is one of the most revered and prominent religious place in the state of Karnataka.


Gokarna Uma Maheshwara Temple can be visit during the day time from 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM - Open Everyday

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