Umananda Temple, Assam

Umananda Temple, also known as Umananda Devaloi by the locals, is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple is located on a riverine island, known as Peacock Island and the river which flows by the temple is the Brahmaputra River. In order to reach this temple one needs to travel on a boat to reach the island. It is a short yet mesmerizing trip to the temple.

The Umananda temple was constructed by the Ahom King, Gadadhar Singha in the year 1694 A.D., one of the strongest rulers of the Ahom Dynasty. Due to the eastern state in India being prone to severe earthquakes the temple was heavily damaged during an earthquake in 1897 and was restored by a rich merchant. The "Slokas" or slogans of Lord Shiva are scribbled all over the temple, along with a variety of stone carving sculptures resent in the temple. According to the legend, the devotees come to Umananda temple during the Amavasya Day which falls on a Monday as it brings the highest blessing and bliss to the nature and people around the temple. Siva Chaturdasi festival is celebrated grandly in this temple. This temple is visited by devotees right through the year.


Umananda Temple open at 05:00 AM to 06:00 PM - Everyday

Ferry Cost

20 INR per head with return (10 Minute journey)

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