Unchalli Falls, Karnataka

The Unchalli falls is also known by the name of Keppa Joga for the deafening sound it makes. The sound of the waterfalls coming down the hilly area easily overpowers the silence of the forests. It falls into the Aghanashini River and has a total height of 380 feet. Unchalli Falls is situated in Sirsi of Uttara Kannada District, Karnataka.

The speciality of this waterfall is that it is an all season waterfall, and the panoramic beauty is unparallel. The Unchalli fall gives the feeling and aroma of eternal bliss, and the thriving greenery heals your soul and soothes your senses. The waterfall can make you believe in how simple life really can actually be.

There is one particular spot called Heggarne, a hamlet in the district. The falls is reached by a 5 km trek through the dense forest. This is where the brook makes a caravan of waterfalls and leaps into precipitous valley forming a startling picturesque waterfall. The fall demand a 30-45 minutes one way trek to witness this astonishing view.

One of the famous nearby falls is Vibhuti Falls situated in Ankola Taluk, Sirsi, Uttara, in Karnataka. The word Vibhuti is derived from Sanskrit language which means Limestone (not that there is anything to mine their). The water cascades through limestone rock, hence the name. Coming back to Unchalli Falls, Karnataka is truly blessed with heavenly beauties that everyone must visit in their lifetime at least once. The waterfall is not only a great tourist spot but an apt place for shooting movie scenes too.


Unchalli Falls can be visit during the day time from 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Entry Fees

5 INR per person

Vehicle Entry Fees

10 INR per Two Wheelers and 40 INR per Four Wheelers

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05 June 2023

Entry fee of unchalli falls per person and vehicle?