Vasota Fort, Maharashtra

Vasota Fort is situated in the Satara district of Maharashtra, near Bamnoli. The fort is likely to be positioned some 3824 feet above the actual sea level. Vasota fort was ruled by the Marathas, Mores and by the Shirkes during the 16th century. After which, in 1665, the Swarajya took hold of the mass monument that was under the control of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Vasota Fort named by King Chatrapati Shivaji has the most fascinating defending capability. The name chosen for the fort was because of the difficulty entangled during its way through, that ultimately means- ‘The Tiger”. After the ruling of the great leader, it was passed over to the Peshwas. During 1818, again the British snatched its control and viciously demolished the major parts of the fort, by making use of heavy artilleries.

Vasota fort will offer a great thrilling experience for the people who love trekking even under intense conditions. It would give you the sight of the thickly populated forest with astonishing views around it. Additionally, the fort will present you the spectacular view of Koyna Backwaters and the Wildlife sanctuary forest area.

Avid trekkers can find their treasured way into the jungle to reach the Vasota fort. It is necessary that you take extreme precautions to tackle the wild animals like sloth bears, leopards, wild dogs and even tigers. The trekking level is found to be too difficult even for the most passionate and efficient of trekkers. It can take approximately up to 3 hours to reach the Vasota fort from the jungle. Above all, when you reach your destination after defensive trekking, you are ought to see an age-old temple named Nageshwar Temple and a place called ‘Babukada’. It will be heartfelt refreshment for the ones who have overcome the endangerment and instability, for a course of time. The beauty of the surroundings and the path throughout the trek will make the visitors earn a memorable experience in the Vasota Fort. The dilapidated fortress is a tourist magnet.


Vasota Fort open at 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Entry Fees

30 INR per Person

Guide Fees

200 INR for guide charge (Mandatory)

Ferry/Boat Fees

3500 INR (Negotiable) per boat up to 12 persons (up & down) and additional 150 INR Boat Parking & 100 INR Tiger entry cost - (Good to go with larger group up to 8-12 persons)


50 INR per camera charge

Days Closed

Holidays and during monsoon season

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