Vasudhara Falls, Uttarakhand

The Vasudhara falls is in the Indian state of Uttarakhand in Badrinath. The Vasudhara Falls is mesmerizingly beautiful surrounded with tall mountain cliff from where the waterfall begins. The distance between Vasudhara and Badrinath is only about 9kms, whereby. The total height of this ravishing waterfall is around 400 feet. So, the foot trek starts from a small village called Mana, which is legendary and highly famous in itself because apparently, the Pandavas lived there for a short period during their exile.

The surrounded mountains are Bilkantha, Balakunda and Chukamba. The mesmerising view of Vasudhara valley during the trek is soul-soothing. The nectar sweet waterfall flowing near the Badrinath is one of the most astonishing places one must visit while in Uttarakhand. The legends have it that the eternal beauty of the Vasudhara Falls can only be relished by people who are clean, pious and unstained from any guilt whatsoever.

The Vasudhara Falls is the favourite place for all the trekkers who are addicted to encapsulating natural undiluted beauty. The beauty of lush greenery surrounding amidst the mesmerising waterfall is truly spectacular and spell-binding. This adventurous trek begins from the village of Mana and passes through the Saraswati Temple. From here on the trek gets a little arduous as it is filled with stone, pebbles but the reward that the buoyant view endowed by the Vasudhara Falls is worth the entire struggle and more. The Vasudhara waterfall cascades from a Herculean Cliff. One can view Alakapuri, the humble abode of God of Wealth Kubera.


Vasudhara Falls can be visit during the day time from 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM

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