One of the most difficult journeys through the most treacherous of icy mountains, with halts at dangerous small towns in the ridges overlooking the mighty snow capped slopes includes Hindu pilgrimage called Panch Yatra. The word Panch in Sanskrit literally means 5. These 5 spots comprise for the Panch Prayag and Allahabad is Prayag where Ganga meets the Yamuna and now extinct Saraswati. The Panch Yatra is an extremely revered task and is considered consignment to austerity and penance in the road to personal spiritual progress in the Hindu culture and religion.

The Panch Prayag Yatra is a journey that includes 5 destinations and the final destination marking the completion of the pilgrimage is Vishnuprayag. It is the final halt for the Panch Prayag and like all the other Panch Prayag it marks the confluence of the Alaknanda River with the Dhauliganga River. The river was joined by the now nonexistent Saraswati River and emptied out into the stretch in front of the Badrinath temple. This stretch is still referred to as Vishnu Ganga for its religious significance as one of the few places on mortal land where Lord Vishnu has deemed worth to be graced by His presence. There is a temple near the confluence of the river dedicated to the Lord Vishnu.

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