Deserts Tourism

Tourism has different genres based on the varied categories. On the basis of terrain only there are huge demarcations. One of the most enchanting genres of tourism is no doubt the desert tourism. The existence of desert itself incites the interest of every traveler. The endless sand and the peerless horizon give deserts a feel of nothingness and mystery. Travelers from every corner of the world visit either one or the other deserts in the globe spread over various continents of the world.

The Sahara Desert and the Kalahari Desert of Africa, the Arabian, Taklamakan and Gobi deserts of Asia and the Atacama Desert of South America are quite the famous ones. In India also the Thar Desert in Rajasthan and the cold desert of Ladakh are very popular tourist destinations. The desert tourism is very prosperous because of the golden nature-scape and historical architectures erected on desert soil. Pyramids of Giza in Sahara, the desert hill forts of Rajasthan and the Persian palace cities are some of the notable mentions of global desert tourism. The desert safari, camel rides, caravan dwelling and enjoying the desert culture are some the affable activities on these tours. But the most incredible thing is the silence of the deserts that lets one rediscover ones true self amidst any crisis.

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