Bikaner Desert Camel Safari, Rajasthan

The desert safari in Bikaner is the classical stamp of Rajasthan tourism. Well, everyone knows that the Indian state of Rajasthan is one of the most vibrant regions in the whole sub-continent. The Thar Desert is very unforgiving to the earth but it is very yielding for the tinsel town of Bikaner. The desert town of Bikaner has a very distinct ambience around it. Travelling on the sandy soil on the back of a camel is truly an experience of once in a lifetime. The sandy winds, the extreme weather and the swingy sway of the camel makes the ride even more adventurous and wild than any other sporting or touring activities. The travel to Bikaner is incomplete without savoring this traditional ethnic journey on a ship of the desert.

The desert camel safari in Bikaner is very popular among both Indian travelers and foreigners coming from far away countries. The laid back tour on a camel back in a sun kissed evening through the desert terrain makes live more shivering and exciting and the trip livelier. The journey is very enjoyable and the halts on the way are the stop to look forward to. The entertainment quotient of this desert safari in Bikaner is very high.

The Rajasthani cultural injection on this tour is the USP of desert safari in Bikaner.You get to wear traditional Rajasthani costumes, enjoy the traditional dance programs, the ethnic music recitals, the wild bonfire parties and eat the most delectable roasted culinary delights. All in all, the desert safari in Bikaner is one of the most exciting parts of Rajasthan Tourism.

Safari Timings

Everyday Sunrise to Sunset

Camel Safari Charges

1500 - 2000 INR Per person (Approx.)

Best Time to Visit

October to March

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