Cultural Tourism

The most intriguing and emotional branch of tourism is without any doubt the cultural tourism. This tourism revolves around the culture of the region that includes its people & their lifestyle, the antiquity of the people, the art & sculpture of the people, the notable architectures of the land, the religion of the populace and the geographical exclusivity of the place. This theme of tourism not only attracts travelers but also presents them with the possibility of enriching their insight about the wisdom of the human civilization. The cultural tourism offers travelers with the choice of visiting bustling urban areas, indigenous communities, the rural life, the historical establishments, the museums, the singing & dance forms of the region, the souvenirs of the region, and the delicacies, of course.

So when you are visiting a tourist destination based on its cultural heritage then you can expect to get pleasantly surprised by the sum total of the sightseeing spots there. The global cultural tourism bestows upon the people the sights of the Pyramids of Egypt, the temples of Cambodia, the treasures of Bhutan, the shrines of Japan, the palaces of India, ancient cityscape of Greece, the architectures of Rome and the La Dolce Vita.

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