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Travelling is one thing and touring is all together another concept. Shifting your city is travelling but most certainly not touring. But if you are vacationing in someplace relaxing, it is definitely a touring prospect. But one thing can bring both travelling & touring together is the events. So when you opt for the events theme you are beyond doubt going to a destination where you can have everything, business and pleasure. The places falling under this tourism banner is quite versatile. These will have great scenic beauty, a serene atmosphere, well-endowed amenities and some of the exquisite cultural imbibes. The tourism will offer each and every visitor comfortable & affluent accommodations in exotic locales, a lots of photographic encounters and a memory accruing experience.

In the event the tourism you can either take a trip to a place during an eventful season or simply visit a beautiful destination to plan an event. Some the well-known places in the world that keeps tourist attracted are China during the Ice Festival in January, India during the Holi in March, Russia during white festivals in June, Germany during Oktoberfest in September and so on. In India you can visit places like Ooty, Havelock Island, Coorg, Munnar and Shillong to enjoy an eventful stay.

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