Mythological Tourism

What intrigues us most is the stories of the fantasies that bring alive the mystical abilities in human and moreover, who can resist the idea of liking a real life dragon. The mythologies that each and every religious scriptures tells enlivens us to have the faith to believe that we can achieve anything & everything. It is a popular belief that science have progressed so much to realize these prophetic myths. The existence of all-powerful gods, the mystical creatures and the citadel of these beings written in the scripture or passed on to generations, gave birth to the mythological tourism.

Travelers visit the temples and the shrines of the ancient world to get blessed and to relive the mythological past of these wondrous regions. The tourism allows travelers to scale high mountains, difficult trails, forestry locales, exotic estuaries, old ruins and many other adventurous yet aesthetic destination. In India there are many mythological places like the Kailash Mountain, the Kedarnath Temple, the Dwaraka Temple and many more. However, the world also has a lot to offer in this mythological tourism like the Mount Olympus & Alepotrypa Cave in Greece, the Winchester Castle in England, the Valley of Kings in Egypt and the Xibalba in Mexico.

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