Road Trip Tourism

When thinking about tours & travels we generally get the vision of flying or sailing off to some faraway place amidst a new environment with lots of sightseeing spots, good accommodation and delectable palate. Basically, we think of a well-planned relaxing & entertainment trip. But the matter of the fact is that these trips lack the adventurous streak in them. These trips will give an overview of the new destinations but will not allow you to indulge in them. To suffice this indulging need of the people and to let travelers explore the earthen feel of the place, the road trip tourism theme was conceived.

The road trip tourism allows the tourists to journey a stretch of their trip on wheels by themselves and enjoy the exotic locales with their own eyes. The people get to relish the warm interaction with local community, unearthed the hidden gems and fulfill their sense of adventure. Some of the world famous road trips are Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland, Amalfi Coast in Italy, South island in New Zealand, Route 66 in USA, Ring Road in Iceland, Hana Highway in Hawaii, Durban-Cape Town trip in South Africa. In India also Manali to Leh, Vizag to Araku Valley and Mumbai to Pune are quite famous road trip trails.

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