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Weddings are made from heavens but they are staged on the earth. Yes, wedding is one the most celebrated and essential events not only in people’s lives but in any place. One can rest assure that they will receive a wedding invitation at least once in a year. Nowadays, the trending theme of weddings is destination wedding. Yes, people want to make sure that they can enjoy an exclusive & memorable wedding as well as a family outing & honeymoon all at the same time & at the same place because people do not have much leisure time in hand these days and this is quite an affordable option.

Wedding tourism is in full throttle now. All the destination are quite exotic and have some historical, natural or cultural heritage to their name. Furthermore, these places offer every single amenity required to coordinate a wedding event with pomp & poise. Some of the top global wedding destination are the island city of Santorini, the natural scape of Fiji, the old castles of Tuscany, the chateaus of Provincial France, the city of love – Paris and the idyllic villages of Sicily. Top wedding spots in India are Jaipur, Udaipur, Kerala, Gurgaon, Shimla, Goa and Agra.

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