Agroha Dham, Haryana

The Agroha Dham is a palatial temple complex situated in Agroha of the Hisar district in Haryana, India. The temple was founded in 1976 and built in the year 1984. The Agroha Dham complex looks exactly like a palace from the outside, and it is this palatial architecture that makes it so fascinating. The entrance of the temple has a majestic gate with elephant statues located on its either side.

The complex of the temple is divided into three parts, which houses three different Hindu deities. Separate flights of stairs lead into each temple. The central part has the temple of Goddess Laxmi, the western part has the temple dedicated to Goddess Saraswati and the eastern part has the temple of Maharaja Agrasen.

The Shakti Sarovar is a great pond of water located at the backside of the main temple premises. It was filled by the waters of more than 41 Indian rivers. A raised embankment on the northwest side of it depicts the mythological event of Samudramanthan. There are sites such as an amusement park, yoga centre and naturopathic clinic located near this pond.

Agroha Dham is frequently visited by devotees from throughout the country as well as tourists interested in the culture of India. The temple has a pompous celebration of Sharad Purnima when the renowned Agroha Dham Kumbh Mela is also celebrated. To experience culture and witness an interesting architecture, the Agroha Dham is a place that must be visited.


Agroha Dham Temple open at 06:30 AM to 08:30 PM

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29 October 2022
Good place to visit and good for children . A place for family to visit for religious thing.

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