Amer Fort, Rajasthan

Located on the hilltop in Amber town of Rajasthan in India, Amer Fort is a jewel of Jaipur because of its majesty, amazing architecture and long history. With its large ramparts and cobbled paths, the amer fort overlooks Maota Lake (main source of water for palace). The construction was started sometime in the 17th century by the legendary Raja Man Singh. The entire structure took almost 150 years to be built expanded by Raja Jai Singh I and in later by Jaipur’s founder, Sawai Jai Singh II. The Amer Fort has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2013.

The Amer Fort still stands as a grand paradigm of Ancient Indian architecture with the mixture of Hindu and Mughal style of ornamentation. The Amer fort is entirely built with red sandstone and some of the parts with white marble. Stone carvings on the ceiling and the walls glorify the beauty of Fort. The Amer fort structure is uniquely laid into four levels, each with a courtyard and having series of gates. You will see many buildings in the Fort including ‘Diwan-e-Aam’(Hall of public audience), 'Sukh Niwas' (Natural Air conditioning), ‘Sheesh Mahal‘ (Mirror Palace), 'Kesar Kyarri' (Mughal garden) and many more. Will describe some of the above in brief below:

Diwan-e-Aam: Also known as Hall of public audience is a big hall stand on the support of two rows of pillars. The hall is used for the kings multiple meeting with common people, ministers, and guests.

Sukh Niwas: Famous for its natural air conditioning, the hall is made with sandalwood and ivory. Because of the small channel that carries cold water, the hall is the kings and queens relaxation point.

Sheesh Mahal: Refer to Mirror Palace; it is the most famous and enticing part of Amer Fort. The walls and the ceilings are beautifully carved with paintings and flowers made with glass.

Kesar Kyarri: Also known as Mughal garden is built in the Persian style of architecture that cannot be compared to simple gardens. The garden is formed in a star shape and located near Maota Lake.

The best time to visit Amer fort is in winters, months ranging from November to March. The Amer Fort is just 11 kilometers away from the Jaipur city and it will take almost 3 - 4 hours to see the whole fort.


Jaipur Amer Fort open at 08:00 AM to 05:30 PM

Entry Fees

100 INR per Indians, 500 INR per Foreigners and 10 INR per Students.


Allowed - free of cost

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