Amritsar Heritage Walk, Punjab

Amritsar Heritage Walk as the name suggests refers to a guided tour where the tourists get to walk through the entire city of Amritsar including the narrow lanes present in the city. With this tour, one will be able to cover all the tourist destination sites within the city along with a guide who will be able to answer all of your doubts. This tour also includes visiting the holy sites present in the city, like the temples and Gurudwara present in the city.

Amritsar is now almost more than 400 years old, and some places are unknown even to the locals. Therefore, this guided tour helps in understanding the heritage and the Sikh culture followed in the city and why the city is called as the spiritual city. Tourists will also be able to witness the handcrafts which are created in the city and build their own souvenirs while traveling through the city. One will also be able to see how traders market their products in the streets of Amritsar and how honest they are with their product or service they provide. The Amritsar Heritage Walk is a two hours program, therefore wearing comfortable shoes would be recommended while traveling through the city. This program also includes a trip to the Gurudwara which is also known as the Golden temple in the city, where you will be able to connect with your spiritual self and will feel peaceful & calm after the visit. It is indeed an enthralling experience.


Amritsar Heritage Walk can walk during the day time from 08:00 AM to 10:00 PM

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