Ankai Fort, Maharashtra

The Ankai fort was constructed by Yadava Dynasty and is built up of stone and is located in Manmad town in Nashik district of Maharashtra. Currently, the Fort itself stands in ruins. However, the area surrounding the fort is quite exquisite. The Ankai fort was an important religious place for Hindus in the past, but now is a famous tourist spot for people all around the country. The Jain Caves are quite famous among history lovers. Situated at the foot of the hills, the caves are spread across two storeys. There are a total of 7 caves in total, of which the top 5 caves have idols in them. On the other hand, the 2 caves situated at the bottom have various carvings on them. The Brahmani Caves are situated at the entrance of the fort itself. These caves have the idols of Jai and Vijay. The cave also has a shivaling dedicated to Lord Shiva. All the caves are quite beautiful from the inside. Most of them have artistic drawings on them, which dates back to thousands of years.

The Ankai fort has two gates, namely the Main Gate and the Manmad Gate. Both of these gates are situated at the north and south exit of the fort. The fort’s top offers a fantastic view of the surrounding villages. There is a lot of flora to be seen around the fort, and tourists often find themselves at peace while in the fort’s vicinity. The Kashi pond is also situated near the Ankai Fort. The pond is preserved in nature. The pond also has a Tulsi plant in the middle, which is itself a miracle of nature.

The town of Manmad is situated from a tour hour drive from Nashik. Visiting tourists can also trek around the fort while enjoying nature’s sublime beauty. The area usually has a cool climate as the heavy vegetation keeps the air fresh.


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