Antaragange, Karnataka

The word Antaragange translates to Ganges from the Inner Depths. Antaragange is actually a mountain ridge or a peak that forms the backdrop of the Antaragange Kasi Vishweshwara temple, located in the Shathashrunga mountain range. The Antaragange hill is associated with a mythological legend that actually contributes to its unique nomenclature. The Antaragange Mountain is the backdrop of the temple and can be accessed by a route behind the temple which leads to the thick forest surrounding the mountain. They also lead to a lot of caves and provide perfect ground for adventure activities. It is believed that within this hillock is a perennial source of water or a spring which is the source of water for the pond within the Kasi temple.

The Kasi Vishweshwara Temple has got a pond within its enclosure for devotees to dip before they visit the inner sanctum of the temple. This pond or kund gets water from the perennial spring situated somewhere within the bowels of the Antaragange mountain ridge. The water is routed into the temple premises through the mouth of a bull carved out of a single stone edifice guarding the entrance of the caves. This symbolic bull is not only the vehicle of the presiding deity Shiva but is also a guardian of the temple and the pond ensuring it never runs dry. The water supply is constant throughout the year and maintains the same force of flow throughout the year. Tourists are also found performing night trekking as well as various campaigns here, particularly during summer. Many adventurous explorations are done in and around this great mountain.

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