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Kolar district is located in Karnataka, a state in South India. The district is known for its gold mines and is popularly known as the “Golden Land” of India. Kolar dates back to the 2nd century A.D. and was ruled by different monarchs at different period of time. One of the most notable temples in Kolar district is the Kolaramma Temple. It is a 1000 century old temple built in the Dravidian Vimana style. The temple is dedicated to the presiding deity Goddess Kolaramma, an incarnation of Shakti. The temple premises are full of beautifully carved statues and artwork cut out of granite stones.

A prominent Lord Shiva shrine, Sri Kashi Vishweshwara Temple is located in Antara Gange, a mountain on the Shasthashrunga Mountain range. The remarkable feature of this temple is a pond which gets continuous underground water supply from the mouth of ‘Basava’, a stone bull. The mountain caves in the surroundings are popular among the trekkers. The Someshwara Temple in the Kolar town holds a lot of religious and archaeological significance. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple was built in the 14th century in the Dravidian style. Kotilingeshwara Temple in the Kammasandra village has one of the largest Shiva Linga in the world. Kolar is well connected by roads and railways. The nearest airport is at Bangalore, 67kms from Kolar town.

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Travel Guide Antaragange Kolar
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The Antaragange Mountains is located a short distance away from Kolar, which is a town almost about 70 kilometres from Bangalore (present day Bengaluru), the capital city of Karnataka.

Travel Guide Avani
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Avani hills and temples in Kolar, Karnataka are one of the popular tourist destinations in the whole southern Indian region. The Sita Mata Temple and the Ramalingeshwara Temple are the two main shrines in and around Avani village.

Travel Guide Kolaramma Temple Kolar
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Kolaramma Temple

Listed under the most popular religious site in Kolar is the Kolaramma temple which is dedicated to goddess Durga. The temple is located at the distance of 2 KM away from Kolar city center.

Travel Guide Dakshina Kashi Kshetra Kolar
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Dakshina Kashi Kshetra

Dakshina Kashi Kshetra or Antaragange is located about 4 kms from the Kolar town and approximately 70 kms from the city of Bangalore. The place has a popular Shiva temple with a pond having continuous flow of underground water.

Travel Guide Ramalingeshwara Temple, Avani
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Ramalingeshwara Temple, Avani

Ramalingeshwara Temple is a cluster of temples in the pious town of Avani. It is built in Dravidian style of architecture dated back to 10th century A.D.

Travel Guide Sita Mata Temple Avani
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Sita Mata Temple, Avani

Avani is a small village in Karnataka which is 15 kms away from Mulbagal. The place has mythological as well as religious significance. It is mainly crowded by childless couples who come to pray in this auspicious site.

Travel Guide Sri Someshwara Temple Kolar
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Sri Someshwara Temple, Kolar

Sri Someshwara Temple is a famous Shiva temple in the Kolar town of Karnataka. The Sri Someshwara Temple now has been declared an Indian National Heritage Monument.

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