Sita Mata Temple, Avani, Karnataka

Sita Mata Temple in Avani is a renowned and popular pilgrim site in Kolar district in the state of Karnataka. The place is surrounded by lush green and rocky mountain range. The Sita Mata Temple in Avani is of high value not only to the locals but all over India. Also known at Seetha Parvathi Temple, the idol of Goddess Parvati is enshrined in the sanctum sanctorum of the main temple. The temple complex also has a temple dedicated to Sita Devi. It is said that she entered earth at this site. Goddess Parvati instructed in the dream of Shri Adi Guru Shakarachrya to build a shrine of Sita Devi beside her. Thus the Sita Mata Temple was eventually constructed.

The place is mentioned in Uttara Ramayana, part of the Hindu Ramayana. According to Hindu mythology, Avani is the birth place of Lord Rama’s twin son Luv and Kush. Being banished and heartbroken, Sita started residing at the Ashram of sage Valmiki in Avani. She used to worship the idol of Goddess Parvati with all her devotion.

Many devotees visit the shrine to pray to the deities. It is believed that with blessings of the Goddess, childless couples are blessed with child. Taking dip in the Lakshmana Tirtha, the childless women should enter the Sita Mata Temple with wet body along with all the puja ingredients. She has to sleep in the temple and the goddess will come in her dream to bless her for the fulfilment of her desire. The Sita Mata Temple is really a very famous pilgrimage site being visited by many devotees throughout the year.


Sita Mata Temple open at 07:00 AM to to 08:00 PM

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Soumya Simha
26 November 2021

Let me know how many steps are there to climb the sita betta??

Radhika Venkat
14 August 2021

Is temple open todaya and tomorrow ?