Avani, Karnataka

Avani means earth in ancient Dravidian scripture. The place is so called because it is believed that mother earth have chosen to incarnate herself in the divine goddess form at this very region. The small village in the southern Indian state of Karnataka is a very holy pilgrimage destination for the Hindus. Apart from the religious implication, the natural exuberance and archeological significances of Avani is very interesting and attractive. This hidden cradle of magnificence is located in the Mulbugal Taluk. This petite hamlet is one of the greatest tourist and pilgrim magnets of the Kolar district of Karnataka. There are many aspects of Avani tourism but the most important ones are the hill and the temple. There are two main mythological legends behind the holiness of this place.

According to the epic Ramayana written by sage Valmiki, this is the very place where Lady Sita gave birth to her two sons, Lava & Kush, during her exile from Lord Ram’s realm. This is also the site where Lava & Kush waged war against their father Lord King Ram. Lady Sita is believed to be the daughter of mother earth, hence her name is Avanisuta. The establishment of Sita Mata Temple in Avani is based on this legend. However, there is another legend about Avani too.

According to the Puranas, this is where Lord Adi Jambav gifted away the Shyamanatak Jewel and his daughter, Jambavati’s hand in marriage to Lord Sri Krishna. The architecture of the temple however belongs to the skilled craftsmanship of the famous Nolomba Dynasty. All these mythological stories make Avani a divine destination for the people of every religion. It is often regarded as the purifying city, Gaya of South India. The hilltop Sita Mata Temple, the verdant hills and the Ramalingeshwara Temple of Avani are the main tourist attractions here. To revisit the myths and histories of mystic spirituality do visit Avani.

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