Badaghagra Waterfall, Odisha

A well-known, highly revered waterfall in Odisha, the Badaghagra Falls in Kendujhar merges with the Ghagra River, a tributary of the Baitarani River. Obscured amidst the lush green forests lies, in its full glory, the enchanting Badaghagra waterfall. Pleasantly gratifying the hearts of all passing travelers, the waterfall acts akin to a sweet escape for every soul that yearns to be intimate with nature. Being a popular tourist attraction for picnickers and trekkers alike, the falls is encompassed with flocks of people all around the year.

There are innumerable factors which make the Badaghagra falls special. One factor that stands out amongst all such is its never-ending flow of water. Being a perennial waterfall, the charismatic Badaghagra has been churning out vast streams of water every day since its inception. And it was this that laid the foundations of a dam at some distance downstream. The perennial nature of the Badaghagra waterfall has been successfully attracting people all year round, who love to relax and enjoy their leisure with their families and friends.

A lot of people design reward systems to propel themselves and accomplish their daily goals while relishing the gratification that they derive from their actions. A trek to the Badaghagra Falls would be no less than a reward for adventure lovers. Not only will they witness the grandeur of the lofty mountains and the mysteriousness of the dense forests surrounding them, but they will also be presented with an opportunity of exploring the Sanghagra Falls where they can go boating, spend quality time with their kids at the Children’s Park, as well as visit the tribal museums to name a few.


Badaghagra Falls can be visit during the day time from 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM

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Sadiya Farhat
12 December 2020

Is badaghagara open????