Kendujhar Tourism

Odisha is a storehouse of natural beauty and a handful of resources. The state is full of sites worth-seeing and beautiful destinations that hold special importance for the local people. The Kendujhar district located in the northern part of Odisha is famous for its natural beauty and rich resources visiting which can provide a soulful healing experience. When in Kendujhar, you must visit the ‘Kulshaleswar Mahadev Temple', 'Murga Mahadev temple'.

You can visit the natural panoramic spot, the 'Kanjipani Ghati', famous for its treasure house of flora and fauna and do not miss taking a holy dip in the 'Keshri Kunda'. The Sitabinji fresco painting and rock inscription is really magnificent to witness indeed. The rich water resources of Odisha have been a major tourist attraction. These include 'The Bhimkund Waterfall', 'Gundichaghagi Waterfall', 'Handibhanga Waterfall', and 'Hadagarh reservoir'. You must not miss going to the Gonasika temple surrounded by green valleys where the perennial river 'Baitrani' originates from the two nostrils of Mother Cow. Kendujhar is thus a mist visit place if you ever plan to take a trip to Odisha. The versatility it has on store and offer to the tourists with respect to visiting spots & destinations is truly remarkable.

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Places to Visit in Kendujhar

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Travel Guide Badaghagra Waterfalls
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Badaghagra Waterfall

Located within dense forests at a distance of 10 km from the Keonjhar town, lies the soul-captivating Badaghagra falls.

Travel Guide Sanaghagara Waterfalls Keonjhar
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Sanaghagara Waterfall

The height of the Sanaghagara waterfall is near about thirty kilometers and is also a soul-soothing spot for all those who want to take some time out for themselves.

Travel Guide Khandadhar Falls Kendujhar
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Khandadhar Falls, Kendujhar

Khandadhar Falls is situated in Kendujhar district in Odisha. A ‘smoke like’ appearance is created due the spraying of water from great height.

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