Badami Fort, Karnataka

Badami fort is one of the hidden gems of Karnataka and one of the oldest forts in India (now ruins). The Badami fort located on the top of famous Badami caves temples and the fort was built by the Chalukya's dynasty on 544 AD during the ruled in Badami.

Badami fort is well guarded by Nandi (Bull god) at the entrance, which runs across two hills bifurcating itself as North Fort and South Fort. North Fort was used as treasury by Tippu Sultan, the Tiger of Mysore. It was in 18th century Tippu Sultan visited Badami. He was much impressed with the place and added one more fort on top of the hills. There are granaries and treasure spot that are worth seeing. They run the memory back to those glorious days of Indian history

It is Said, a battle that ensued between the Chalukyas and Pallavas the latter king Narasimhavarman won the battle and in his bad temper destroyed every inch of Badami. What we see at present is remnants of bygone fort and beautiful Vatapi or Badami.

Its best to see the fort at sunset time when the sunset colours play on the massive red cliffs surrounding the caves and on which the fort is built.


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