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Bagalkot is a district in the northern part of Karnataka, a state in India. This district is covered with pre-historic temples and many legends are connected to the city of Bagalkot. One of the legends states that the city was given as a gift by Ravan, king of Lanka, to the musicians who were known as Bhajantries. Another legend states that the King of Bijapur presented the town to his daughter for Bangle money (Bangle money refers to the tradition where the daughter is given money to buy bangles, jewelry and clothes for herself).

This district shows the traces of the Chalukyan Empire and was ruled by Haider Ali (who also ruled Mysore area) and many other rulers. One of the cities in Bagalkot district, Pattadakal, is very famous for its archaeology and temple. UNESCO has added this city as a part of World Heritage Site. Badami Cave Temple is the perfect example for visiting a temple with Chalukyan architecture, the temple was carved from sandstone hills. Aihole is also a historic village in this district. Temples like Banashankari Temple, Bhuthanatha temple, Virupaksha temple, Durga Temple, Mahakuteshwara Temple, and many more were built in the region according to the Chalukyan architectural chronicles.

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Travel Guide Pattadakal Bagalkot Karnataka
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Pattadakal Group of Monuments

Karnataka, a state in the southern fringes of India, is really a jewel in the crown of the Indian state as far historical importance and heritage go. It is not just significant and priceless to India but also recognized and respected in the world circles for its contribution to p....

Travel Guide Badami Cave Temples Bagalkot Karnataka
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Badami Rock Cut Caves Temple

Badami enjoys the status of a heritage city because of the number of historically significant relics and excavations it has given way to. The Badami Cave is a temples complex of three religion, Hindus, Buddhists and Jains.

Travel Guide Badami Bagalkot Karnataka
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Badami is a most preferred destinations of many tourists both Indian and foreign travelers and situated in the Bagalkot district of Karnataka, India. Badami was founded by the Chalukya dynasty and the capital in between 540 to 747 AD.

Travel Guide Badami Fort Bagalkot Karnataka
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Badami Fort

Badami Fort is known for its beauty and rich history. It is part of Bagalkot district in state of Karnataka. Chalukya kings ruled Badami, and built majestic fort (now ruins), cave and temple in this area. Now Badami Fort has gone within the historical frame in Indian archaeologic....

Travel Guide Agasthya Lake
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Agastya Lake

Badami is a town and the district headquarters in Bagalkot of Karnataka. It was known as Vatapi in ancient time and was the seat of the learning religious spiritual teachings during the Chalukyas dynasty in southern part of India.

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