Basavakalyan Fort, Karnataka

Basavakalyan fort, also known by as the Kalayana fort is one of the most important forts of India as per the historical strata. The fort is located in Bidar district of Karnataka and can be traced back to the 10th century. The Basavakalyan fort was the capital of Chalukyas who shifted to Kalyana from Manyakheta in the 10th century. The Basavakalyan fort remained vital to the Chalukyas for years and was also known by as the Karmabhoomi of Basavanna and also as a founding place of hundreds of other Sharanas.

The Basavakalyan fort was part of the social and religious epitome and was renowned for the works laid by Basaveshwara, the social reformer who lived during the 12th century. The place was a sea of learning bed with Basaveshwara, Channabasvanna, Akka Mahadevi, Siddarama all having an in-depth contribution towards the Basvakalyan. In fact, Basaveshwara, the social reformer, is credited with fighting against the casteism and orthodoxy from Hinduism.

The Basavakalyan fort is a strategically built one and harbors great defense structure set up in a camouflage technique. The Basavakalyan fort gives the residents therein a great plus point as the fort cannot be seen from far and the enemies travel to the fort without knowing that battle is lurking on. The fort is built on the line of Deccan strategy. The fort was built along by connecting the large boulders that remain scattered around and is further made complex along with barbicans and guard rooms. There are three concentric irregular fort walls.

The fort’s architectural design has seven gates setup with solid arch set on the balconies on the flanks along with steps on each side. There are also bastions and cannons alongside in the Basavakalyan fort. There are further openings or gateway in the fort that was used in dousing the enemies with the boiling oil.


Basavakalyan Fort open at 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM

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25 INR per Indian tourist and 300 INR per foreign tourist

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