Benaulim Beach, Goa

There are many beaches in Goa and many have a very vibrant environment about them but the tranquility of the Benaulim beach is the real attraction of this place. The name of this beach features not only among the quietest beaches in the state of the Goa but also throughout the country. The peaceful ambience of the Benaulim and its calm breeze is what that makes this place a magnet for people looking for a quality time away from the daily city grind. There is quite a legend around this pristine beach. The Benaulim beach is called banahalli beach in local dialect which literally translates to the meaning village of the arrow.

The name of the village is coined so because it is believed that the sixth avatar of Lord Vishnu made a milestone here. It is said that the Brahmin god, Lord Parashuram was protecting the village from the wrath of the sea. At that moment, he released an arrow and asked the sea god, Lord Varun to recede beyond that arrow and thus the people were saved. Banahalli beach is that point of no return. The Benaulim beach is very popular among the tourist because it has a very clean and rock free shore land and a shallow sea bed which is perfect for swimming, fishing and other relaxing water activities.

Apart from this there are many sightseeing spots in and around this beach. People visit the famous Maria Hall, the saint churches, the holy trinity church, the historical Goa Chitra museum and many more. People also enjoy surfing, go kart racing bull fighting and other activities in Benaulim beach. The beach is very well developed and could be easily reached from the bustling Margao City. The nightlife of this beach is very colorful and the hotels here are very pocket friendly.

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