Betalbatim Beach, Goa

Betalbatim Beach is located between Colva beach and Majorda beach. This beach is little known to people as there are no permanent structures around the beach, hence people pass by the beach without knowing its existence. The Betalbatim beach provides a surreal environment to the tourists as the beach sand is in golden colour with wide beach structures and no rock or any other particle hindering the beach waves.

Since it is a small beach only a few people visit the beach every now and then and have commented that the sunset at this beach is more pleasant than the crowded beach and you can peacefully enjoy the sunset and the change in the colour of the sky. The Betalbatim beach is surrounded by Pine trees and other vegetation, unlike other beaches which are surrounded by palm trees. You can also see some dolphins jumping around in the ocean from the bed of the beach along with other aquatic life. From European cuisine to Konkani cuisine or Goan cuisine, you will find various types of cuisine restaurants alongside Betalbatim Beach. Grande Island, which is located next to Betalbatim Beach, provides snorkelling experience to the tourists and is very well known for providing classes to the beginners. The best things about Betalbatim beach are bioluminescent planktons. The bioluminescent planktons create a glow in the dark light at night as you walk alongside the beach. As the wave increases the brightness of the light also increases, creating a similar structure of the 'Northern lights' in Aurora.

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