Bhandasar Jain Temple, Rajasthan

Being protected by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), Bhandasar Jain Temple is also known as Banda Shah Jain Temple. This temple is situated in Bikaner, Rajasthan (a state in India). This temple was built in the 15th century and pure ghee was mixed in the mortar instead of water to build this temple. This temple was built by Bhandasa Oswal who was a wealthy merchant.

Bikaner is one of the most famous tourist destination sites where people from across the world come to visit the city and the history that it offers. Bhandasar Jain Temple is one of the most famous temples present in the city and is the oldest temple. This temple is well known for the artwork present as the temple was decorated with mirror work where mirrors were cut into a form that would help in creating a tree or a design for the temple.

The Bhandasar Jain Temple is a 2 story Jain temple which is built with red sandstone and 40,000 kgs of pure ghee. Although the third floor is now not accessible, it was said that the whole city of Bikaner could be seen from this temple. Apart from the mirror work, this temple is also known for wall painting. Even though the temple was built in quite a few centuries back, the painting hasn't worn out. The temple is also being maintained by the state Archaeological department, therefore, the temple always looks like it was newly built. It is a mind-blowing temple for the Jains.


Bikaner Bhandasar Jain Temple open at 05:00 AM to 01:00 PM and then from 05:30 AM to 11:30 PM

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