Bharatgad Fort, Maharashtra

Bharatgad Fort is a fort located in Masure village near the Kalavali Creek in the Malvan Taluka. This town is located in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, a state in India. This fort was built by Shivaji Maharaj in the year 1701; he is known for being one of the greatest rulers in the Indian History and is the one who formed the Maratha Empire. Although Maharaj Shivaji was not able to build the fort in the year 1670 when he first discovered the place as there was no water. Due to the lack of water, a well was provided by the Phond Savants and the Bharatgad Fort was completely formed eventually in the year 1701.

Although the Bharatgad fort was occupied by various dynasties over a period of time, the fort can still be seen in the state of Maharashtra. Although most of the ruins are left in the fort, many tourists are visiting the fort to see how some of the monuments present within the vicinity of the fort look mesmerizing. Most of the fort and the monuments are either being renovated or reserved by the state government of India.

Therefore the tourists will be able to see how the monuments are preserved in real life instead of documentaries. Other monuments like a temple, well, garden and the arches are few of the monuments which are in good shape and has attracted people from various states to visit the fort. The tourists who plan on visiting various places in Maharashtra definitely do visit the Bharatgad Fort.


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