Bidar Fort, Karnataka

The Bidar fort is built on a platform situated at the edge of a plateau. Bidar Fort is situated in the Bidar city of Karnataka. The design of the fort is quite amazing, with a unique rhombus shape that was ideal for military defense.

Spread across 1 Km of land, the fort offered strategic importance to whoever held it. That is why many rulers fought over the fort during ancient times. The fort has a strategic advantage as it is guarded by a raised plateau from two of its sides. The fort’s architecture reminisces of ancient India, as one can see a total of 37 bastions in the fort wall. With a hint of Indo-Islamic style in its structure, the fort is the perfect confluence of artistic brilliance and master architecture. With a total of 7 gates that run from the west to east, 5 of those 7 gates were named- The Mandu Darwaza, the Kalmadgi Darwaza, the Delhi Darwaza, Kalyani Darwaza and the Carnatic Darwaza. Bidar Fort’s has many different structures inside. Three different mosques inside the fort are well decorated and can be viewed by the tourists.

Bidar Fort is fortified by thick walls, which are exquisite to look at. The subtle craving on these walls reeks of artistic perfection. The fort doesn’t have too much detail. However, the audience halls are well crafted and are a royal treat for the tourists. The museum inside the Bidar fort offers a deep look into the ancient life that dwelled inside the walls of the fortified structure. One can see a good collection of arms, historical maps, swords and armor inside the museum.


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