Bijoy Sagar Lake, Tripura

The Bijoy Sagar Lake is 750 feet in length and 450 feet in width and the area around the lake is densely populated. Bijoy Sagar Lake is known as Mahadeb Dighi as it is situated beside a Shiva temple called Mahadeb Bari. This lake was created for the constant and regular water source for the people of Udaipur and even today the people settled around this lake use its water for their daily needs. Bijoy Sagar lake adds beauty to the city and the other places of tourist interest. Many people visit this magnificent lake every year and enjoy the picturesque lake and the calm and relaxing surroundings.

Since this lake is situated in the very large area of flora, it is a paradise for nature lovers and one could also enjoy seeing various varieties of bird species. It is a perfect picnic spot and also a site for many interesting recreational activities for tourists and local families. Taking a boat tour on the lake is an attraction among tourists and locals. Since it is also a source of water for the people who live nearby the Bijoy Sagar lake so the Tripura Govt is regularly inspecting to rest assure that it does not get polluted.


Bijoy Sagar Lake can be visit during 06:00 AM to 07:00 PM

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